“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” – Confucius

The mission of Foundation Recruitment is to be your first choice as a candidate for career management.

Placement Advice

To assist you in enhancing your placement prospects, we have included some handy reference material including:

Interview Techniques

Techniques designed to assist you in succeeding at interview across all aspects of the interview, ie, presentation, delivery, communication, style, etc

Helpful Resume Tips

Advice on how to create and deliver a resume that will get the attention of interviewers and selection panels


Foundation Recruitment is committed to working with you to assist you in finding the ideal role for long term career purposes.

Our team is warm and friendly and will work with you to identify the opportunities available to you across a broad range of industries. So, regardless of whether you have applied for a role advertised with us, we may just have many more for you to choose from – contact us today to find out more!


Candidate Starter Pack

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Helpful Tips for Candidates