What does your social media profile say about you?

Is your Instagram full of inappropriate ‘personal’ pictures?
Half-naked selfies, or videos of you over-indulging on the weekend?

What about Facebook?
Does it present the image you want to project to prospective employers?
Comments and posts included?

The argument could easily be, ‘why would that factor into a hiring decision?’ but the reality is that your publicly available […]

Home haircuts; they are never a good idea! Why professionals are worth every dollar

By Natasha Bryer

It was two days before my son’s birthday party, and I had asked my husband to take him for a haircut in time for his special day. To put it bluntly: it didn’t go to plan.

I arrived home from work, and to my horror, our sons light blonde locks were now jagged, uneven, […]

Two Smart Hacks for Providing Feedback

Providing feedback can be an introvert’s nightmare, and delicate task that many managers would ideally like to avoid. Some managers are fearful of how the feedback will be received by the employee, while others are uncertain of how to provide feedback that is constructive.

What if there was a simple way to make the feedback process […]

Foundation Recruitment Sponsors a Child

Foundation Recruitment is proud to announce that we have sponsored a child through The Smith Family charity.

The Smith Family is a not-for-profit organisation that serves an important role in the community by aiding disadvantaged children and families. The Smith Family provides tools, programs and assistance to disadvantaged children to ensure that financial pressures do not […]

Interview Tips

Here are our latest tips to really impress at your job interview!

Avoid the “too much” of….

Whether it be makeup, perfume, cologne or even eye contact – too much of something can sometimes ruin a first impression.

Wearing too much makeup can look unprofessional or wearing too little can seem as though you have made no […]

That dreaded thought of “I should have asked…”

Have you ever accepted a job offer and immediately afterwards thought, I should have asked…?

Here are 5 essential questions to ask before you accept that offer!

1.       What are the working hours? Ask about overtime expectations, working from home and flexible hours.
2.       What are the expectations of you in regards to being available after hours?
3.       What […]

It’s time to invest in Infrastructure!

Foundation Recruitment joined the best and brightest of North Brisbane Chamber of Commerce for breakfast on Wednesday. We were there to hear Dr Chris Caton present his opinion on the budget, and how this will affect the Brisbane market in future.
It was great to take some time out of the office to listen to such […]

We’ve Moved!

We have moved offices! We are now up and running in our amazing new office space at 3/34 Navigator Place, Hendra.
Our doors are open from 8:30am – 5:00pm.
Our new office is in an awesome location with parking on site for our visitors, an open plan office space for our consultants and a coffee shop […]

NPA Worldwide Members

Foundation Recruitment are members of the NPA Worldwide, the worldwide recruiting network, connecting independent global recruiting firms together, giving our clients and candidates even greater reach and connectivity. All NPA Worldwide members go through strict quality and reference checking procedures and are governed by a code of ethics and confidentiality measures.

NPA Worldwide is the oldest […]

Interview Techniques

Some “do’s” and “don’ts” concerning the interview

DO plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early. Late arrival for a job interview is never excusable.
If presented with an application, DO fill it out neatly and completely. If you have a personal resume, be sure the person you release it to is the person who […]