Foundation recruitment is a specialist recruitment business. With a clear and specific focus on construction in all sectors and its professionals, we are able to source hidden talent and match market ready candidates to the right opportunity

For over fifteen years now we have been assisting Principal Contractors & Builder Developers reach their goals by attracting and securing the best talent in the industry for their project teams. Our goals have never changed over this period as a specialist construction recruiter. These goals are to deliver on the five P’S …

Procure Proven Performers Promptly & Professionally…

A lot has changed in the recruiting business over the last fifteen years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the challenges our clients face in finding, attracting, and securing the right candidates for their company / projects. Yes, the technology has made things easier when it comes to recruiting, but in some ways the technology has had a negative impact regarding the development of true, well networked Recruitment Consultants. Many are now ‘resume flickers’ and act in a responsive manner when it comes to candidate sourcing, relying purely on job boards and electronic networks. Our approach, and one that has been extremely successful, is to effectively partner with our clients and actively consult for them in securing proven performers. We believe this process / relationship is no different to many other client- consult relationships critical in the delivery of major projects.

Once briefed by our clients, we set about utilising our extensive industry contacts (strategically developed in the Queensland market since February 2004) to establish who are the proven performers in the discipline our clients require. Once this knowledge is obtained, we will then confidentially and strategically, approach identified individuals as an engaged partner / representative of your business.

Our long standing commitment to recruiting professionals in the Queensland construction sector over the last ten years, has provided us with what we believe to be one of the most extensive network of contacts in the industry. We call upon this network constantly to source proven performers, and at the same time provide our network with non-confidential market knowledge, as these networks work best when the information souring is a ‘two-way’ street.

Why should your organisation engage us to represent your organisation in securing proven performers?

  • We are a proven performer in your market,  and have successfully operated  during a period that some would describe as a very challenging market.
  • We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times and consider ourselves as an extension of your organisation when representing you. This has been proven through our longevity in this sector.
  • We understand the various challenges presented through the life of projects and over the years have developed a thorough understanding of the various styles of contract engagements, and the various challenges these contracts present.
  • We are tenacious when it comes to identifying proven performers in my market place.
  • We believe we are well respected in the  market, an achievement we are  proud of given the complexities of our objectives. We find that this reputation allows us to be well received when approaching candidates.
  • We operate with a “straight up” approach to negotiations and are often complimented on this “non- fuss” simplistic approach by clients.
  • We prefer to operate with a select group of client’s as opposed to a ‘scatter gun’ approach, attempting to recruit for all. This ‘scatter gun’ approach often creates ethical conundrums for large recruitment firms who often end up submitting candidates to the same companies they are head hunting staff from.
  • Clients we have strong relationships with which are built on trust, appreciate our  “hands on” consultancy services. This includes our offer and enthusiasm towards sitting in on all interviews our clients conduct with our candidates. We do this as a passive observer, this insight allows us to greater understand what our clients are seeking and why candidates considered are not selected.
  • In return for client’s engaging use on an exclusive basis, we offer very competitive rates for recruitment fees, this is due to our confidence that exclusive arrangements often return the best result for both our client and firm.
  • Operate an effective data base of over 15000 predominantly Queensland candidates.

Paul Gay, Director Foundation Recruitment