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Here are our latest tips to really impress at your job interview!

By Jodie Hollowood

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Avoid the “too much” of….

Whether it be makeup, perfume, cologne or even eye contact – too much of something can sometimes ruin a first impression.

  • Wearing too much makeup can look unprofessional or wearing too little can seem as though you have made no effort to impress. You need to find the perfect amount that suits your professional style. Have a read of this blog for some great tips on Makeup for a job interview –
  • It’s important to be “smelling your best” however, too much perfume or cologne can completely distract your potential employer. It can cause headaches, sneezes or other reactions.
  • Eye contact needs to be in moderation – too much eye contact can make your interviewer uncomfortable.

Timing is everything…

  • Prospective employers appreciate good time management skills. Whether it be turning up to a job site on time in construction or being the first one in the office.
  • This also applies to your interview. If you are late for your interview, how can you be trusted to be early for your work days?
  • Always remember that your interviewer has put aside their time to meet with you. A specific time. So, arriving an hour early isn’t a good impression either. This can seem as though you aren’t appreciative of the time they have put aside for you. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early. This will allow you to complete pre-interview paperwork and settle those interview nerves!

A few other hints…

  • Another very important aspect of preparing for an interview is the way you are going to dress. You should be “Dressing for Success”. Do your research prior to the interview and you should be able to gauge what the dress code is for the business and their expectations when it comes to your attire.
  • Be patient and think before you speak. Always allow your interviewer time to finish what they are saying before giving a response. Even though you may be eager to answer questions, they will appreciate you allowing them time to finish.
  • Interviewing for a new position obviously means that you are wanting to move on from your current role. Your interviewer doesn’t need to know how bad your previous boss treated you or other stories from previous workplaces.

 Remember, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”