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The value that should exist within your recruitment costs

By Andrew Morrison

500 Min
The cost of outsourcing recruitment is a regular conversation with our clients. In an industry that exists on basic principles of supply and demand, the majority of outsourced recruitment rates are usually determined by the market and an employer’s willingness to pay in order to secure the best available talent. Of course there is always scope to negotiate and cheaper options to consider in what is one of the more openly competitive markets in operation, but is there more to effective recruitment than just fees?
Rather than enter a ‘race to the bottom’ with our competitors on often marginal percentage figures, the focus at Foundation Recruitment is to not only offer competitive rates, but also provide much broader value to our clients than just filling a role. Listed below are just some of key value items clients need to look for when partnering with an agency:
  • Role Promotion – Any agency taking a role to market is a representative of your company. In tight markets and when the economy is strong, how roles are promoted, communicated to potential candidates and best positioned to attract talent, is a critical early step in the process that should be completed by someone who best represents your organisation. You get this wrong and the market can be very unforgiving..
  • Industry Insights – While many of the principles of effective talent acquisition can be applied broadly, an agency that can provide their client with insights on market behaviour (relative to the recruitment process) in their specific industry, allows for the flow of critical information that can be used in a very powerful way to crystalize the structure of a role and assist in attracting the best available talent
  • Time with Candidates – A common two interview process from a time perspective is less than 20% of a standard working day. The more interaction you have with someone, the more their natural behaviour becomes apparent. One of the key benefits agencies can provide is the ability to spend more time than their clients have available, interacting with candidates to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation
  • Independence – The digital age has made the world a much smaller place, leading to many candidates being very cautious about ‘showing their hand’ by applying for roles without learning more about the opportunity first. While remaining aligned to our clients, the independence of an agency allows candidates to make initial enquiries about opportunities in confidence, before making the decision to formally apply
The examples above are only a small sample of the value items your agency should be providing you when outsourcing your recruitment. To learn more about the value that should exist within your outsourced recruitment service, contact the Team at Foundation Recruitment on 07 3880 6944 or me direct on 0420 727 200.