Jodie Hollowood

Jodie Hollowood

Marketing Communications Manager

Having a successful career at Virgin Australia in both domestic and international travel, Jodie has a solid track record of providing exceptional customer service. With her experience of working with people from different cultures & backgrounds, she understands the importance of communicating effectively to your audience.


Jodie is responsible for all of Foundation Recruitment’s corporate marketing and communications functions. She manages all aspects of presentation content and design for our online marketing. In today’s digital age, it is imperative to review our branding strategies, however Jodie always maintains her fundamental belief of “customers’ needs must come first”, which remains at the heart of the business. This ethos has enabled us to communicate with our current and future candidates and clients effectively. Developing and maintaining all of our clients, talent networks and community partnerships is essential and the direct result is the rapid growth of our business.

Other tasks that keep Jodie busy include event planning and management, and developing and implementing marketing plans for the team’s individual projects.

When she’s not working on marketing strategies, Jodie enjoys spending her free time at the beautiful Sunshine Coast with her two young children.

Jodie can be reached on: