John Tait

John Tait

Candidate Resourcer at Foundation Recruitment Australia

John is an experienced Recruitment Resourcer with three years’ experience working in Blue Collar Trades and Civil Construction.  John enjoys working with candidates and job seekers and seeing how he can assist them in finding new roles.  John is always keen to have a conversation with people about their career goals and what they are looking for in a future role.  John has an easy going and calm personality; he believes integrity and honesty is important to his reputation and always treats people with respect.  


John is excited to join Foundation Recruitment; he is looking to develop his knowledge of the commercial, residential and civil sectors.  John was motivated to join Foundation Recruitment as he wished to join an organisation which treats candidates with respect. 


John is a born and bred Queenslander and has lived in Brisbane his whole life.  John enjoys being able to get outside and seeing the great outdoors.  John also likes to travel and has recently returned from a trip to Japan.  For his next trip he wishes to head further abroad and visit Canada and the United States.


John can be contacted on:
Ph: 0424 597 600


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